Sliger Angelia Community Health 1

Angelia Story Sliger was born on November 23, 1996, and is the daughter of Gail Randolph (formerly Story). She was a teenager during the community movement to protest toxic dumping in Bumpus Cove, Tennessee, and her parents Gail and Richard Story were key organizers during the protests. Sliger often watched the children whose parents were involved in the protests and the Bumpass Cove Citizens Group. During that time, she wrote school reports and poems based on her experiences in the community movement. In this interview Sliger describes how the community movement shaped her life, the health effects of toxic dumping on people in Bumpus Cove, and her introduction to feminist ideas. She also talks about how her mother grew into a political person as she participated in the community movement and joined workshops at the Highlander Research and Education Center.